robert roman thomas

I am looking for work, or rather a paid adventure that is a combination of creative opportunities mixed with sales, marketing, or management. I have in the past been in some form or another of the printing world but I am open to other opportunities.

I am very independent, well traveled, disciplined, and technologically savvy. I have been a general manager, a trainer, and a marketing operations advisor. I like to work and I have old school work ethnics. I would consider a job with travel, such as a territory manager.

Why Robert? (This is directed at sales & marketing in the print world)

First and foremost my training cycle to being productive will be short. I have been involved in the printing industry for many years in different capacities, including sales, marketing and management, and I come with an open mind to new ideas.

Efficient and productive, I am very self sufficient. I know the value of developing a cyclical sales and marketing process and defaulting back to it. Sales is ultimately a numbers process.

Developing a relationship of trust with the client is understandably very important to the process of sales. I feel it is very important to be more than an order taker. One must have the confidence in oneself to to be part of the development conversation and suggest, reflect, and question - ultimately become part of the customers team.

Lots of marketing creativity. I think of myself as an idea factory. Both for the customer and for the process of sales and marketing. I understand the value of repetitive exposure to create brand awareness and ultimately acceptance of the product.

I work well between the customer and the design process. I understand that all printing processes have there limitations and that those limitations must be represented. I understand, vector, raster, resolution, PDF, postscript, color management, and PMS.

Door to door, on the phone, by appointment, email, trade shows, whatever it takes to fuel the engine to create prospects that can be converted to sales. It is a process that must be always on. A combination of creativity with a hunter mentality.


As time is a precious commodity, I thank you for yours, and your consideration.

Professional Resume